About me

​I’m a communications professional specialising in health and social issues, with nearly 20 years’ experience in the field. I develop communications that engage the reader and inspire them to find out more, take action or change a behaviour. I start every job by working closely with the client to develop a clear understanding of what the message is, who they want it to reach and why.

I have a special interest in interviewing service users to develop positive, inspiring quotes and case studies, drawing on my background in social anthropology and experience with Samaritans. My interviewees have included people living with dementia, physical disabilities, mental health problems and bereavement, both in the UK and overseas. I also interview frontline staff, senior leaders, academics and policy experts.

I regularly share and update my skills through training, conferences and professional networks. As well as writing and filming, I have extensive experience of commissioning and project management, working within in-house teams or independently. This means I have a good understanding of the entire publishing process and an insider’s knowledge of what clients want from their freelance support.